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  • Tromeo & Juliet
  • 2046
  • Ijaazat
  • The August Virgin

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  • Zola



    No shade but whoever thinks this retelling of a twitter thread is genius should check out Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit's Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy. and see the kind of film he made out of a bunch of random tweets from a teenager's twt account. That is the definitive twitter based kino.

  • Multiple Maniacs

    Multiple Maniacs


    tfw like everyone you prepare to base your entire personality around one of john waters' films but realize you've been a john waters film character your whole life

Popular reviews

  • Little Fish

    Little Fish


    Men keep on losing their senses around Olivia Cooke and like, I totally get it dudes.

  • Pig



    life's a PIG and nic cage is the GOAT. love how he can still surprise with such understated performances. tbh I was ready for another unhinged performance by him but this almost made me tear up man. this is one melancholic, meditative film. cage, you beautiful bitch, please never stop doing films.