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  • Mank




    hm... i suppose the snappy period-literate dialogue and the perfect cinematography slash sound design DID enchant me but it all felt a tad hollow, especially in comparison to fincher’s previous works. that being said, whole cast was excellent and the technical elements.. all i can say is i pine for a world where filmmaking this intentional and crisp is the rejuvenated norm.

    (p.s: they made welles unnecessary hot)

  • Juno




    just.... so quirky and off the wall yet has the heart to keep you invested. dialogue is fucking ridiculous but it works. entire cast is excellent but elliot and michael are the stars, ALSO i want dilf j.k simmons to be MY dad.

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  • Tenet


    the bubonic plague could resurface and it would not stop me from seeing this july 17th

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express



    wong's style is so delicate and intricate yet so wild and untamed... it's just a site to behold when every element of his cinematic language comes full circle. i SLIGHTLY prefer fallen angels but it's a remarkably close race. also i feel sorta isolated in preferring the takeshi kaneshiro story over the faye wong story but given the rating, both are excellent.