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  • Another Me
  • Mad God
  • Saw III
  • Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

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  • The Return of Godzilla


  • Cool World


  • Fastback


  • Evil Little Things


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  • Fastback


    " He's got to have the biggest wanger in the entire world."

    this is the live action equivalent to Nightmare Muesam. Just replace bad overlong sex scenes with the worst production values ever committed to film. the audio and sound effects alone make me hate it.

    F YOU/10

  • Evil Little Things

    Evil Little Things

    “ I made her just for you. “ 

    Like a lot of these modern horror anthology movies, Evil little Things suffers from severe pacing issues with a good chunk of the segments.

     I do like the wrap around segment (even if Zach Galligan’s acting is terrible), but the other two feel like they are short movies extended with tons of padding. Neither story is particularly good and both have terrible endings.

    Sure it looks nice and most of the acting is fine, but man is this thing a slog. Not awful, but certainly average bad.

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