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  • Bo Burnham: Make Happy

    Bo Burnham: Make Happy


    I didn’t think it still hit until the last ten minutes. I thought I’d outgrown it, the jokes didn’t enrapture me in the same way, his existentialism throughout the set and the naked artificiality of it all didn’t click in the way it once did, I enjoyed it but it was far from the document that I clung to years ago, when I was alone and filled with despair and more depression than I could bare. It was different, I…

  • Unfriended: Dark Web

    Unfriended: Dark Web


    we should all learn sign language

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    it's a video game musical

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2

    zero stars. relentlessly ugly, both formally and in every other way, the visuals are disgusting and cheap, greyed out and amplified to the max with some of the worst visual effects work i’ve ever witnessed mixed with incompetent action sequences and broken editing. the screenplay is a nonexistent screech of lazy references and mutated sentimentality, there’s no punchlines except “we’re in a movie” or “this is like that other thing” or a comically overblown display of meaningless ultra violence. death…