Ad Astra ★★★★★

Pitt’s work is the best performance I’ve ever seen in my life, and that isn’t hyperbole, I can’t think of anyone better. it’s a film that can’t be described really, something that I don’t know I’m ready to go into more. something that I’m not sure I can ever explain my reaction or longing towards. all I can really say is that it helps me feel hope about going into a new phase of my life, hope about living in spite of everything that’s ever happened to me, hope that there’s always a light coming from the darkness. it reminds me of everything I love about art, of the little kid who needed to connect to something more than just his life to understand and relate and cope with the world around him. it is all about healing. I hope it’s the last movie I ever see. I hope it helps save so many kids who are lost and suffering and desperate for something sincere and honest and fucking breathtaking. it feels like it’s saved me already.

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