Anon ★★★★

i've decided that black mirror is the worst thing to happen to science fiction, not only with its shitty aesthetics and pungent nihilism, an over reliance on manipulative soul-crushing twists for the sake of cheap shock value and hackneyed ideas with little merit, plus general apathy at best and outright hatred at worst, representing the collective worst of humanity but with no interesting point or anything more than just rambling despicable nonsense, but in how it has collectively altered the perceptions on modern science fiction with purpose as just another black mirror episode as some form of critique. this fascinating introspective and genuinely profound movie becomes something of a comparison piece, it deals in issues regarding technology and the aftermath of that so it must be the same thing. it becomes a point of contention, an argument against work of potential meaning because it's just apparently a feature length black mirror episode. this analysis is a detriment to films like anon but also to the medium of science fiction in general, films throughout history have done this approach and there's nothing stylistically or formally that is reminiscent of black mirror's purposeless grade d aesthetic approach, with no formal care or purpose, but as soon as this show blew up, we now degrade or ignore movies like this as obsolete because they're just like this show but without the brand name or posturing smugness. last year majorie prime came out, it's one of the greatest films i've ever seen in my life. seen it twice and want to see it again just about every day, a film with such profound meaning, an emotional core that deals with the complexity of memory and what it means to be a human being, the beauty of artificiality and so much more. it's a staggering work of art that got shunned for being a discount black mirror episode for no fucking reason, it's nothing like that. it has no nihilism or twist or anything associated with it except a theme on technology. the fundamental difference at the core between these things is that anon and majorie prime use their technological analysis and presence to tap into something at the core of humanity, the nature of memory and the connections we form over our time in this world, where black mirror uses it as an obstruction, something to just demonise and showcase the worst instincts of humanity with malice and emptiness. why are we dismissing art for apparently being a lesser version of something else? why can't we embrace movies like this without deeming them to be a lesser version of a show you like, when did people stop reading into things and just dismissing based off of surface value? i'm annoyed because i love science fiction, actually more than any other genre, and seeing the discourse around modern low to mid budget sci fi flicks with something to say as something inferior or something that's not worth reading into as an individual piece is bullshit and makes me sad. i recommend anon highly, niccol's got his groove back, the way this uses aspect ratio changes and environmental emptiness really gives the film this constant sense of dread and unease throughout, which makes the more openly emotional moments feel like a glimpse away from the dour clinical surroundings, it has a beating pulse, and a truly phenomenal performance from clive owen. maybe this is just me but i don't want to see films with empathy and purpose get shrugged off in favour of vacuous despair. just please stop. rant concluded.