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there is one shot of this that haunts my brain. the whole film is building up to the inevitable, the suicide of christine chubbuck on live television, this incident is why the film exists, there would be no reason to make a film about this woman if it wasn't for how she left this world. campos instead of sensationalising her like robert greene did with his great yet inferior film kate plays christine, tries to understand the person behind the suicide, and crafts an intricate portrayal of a woman, where the suicide doesn't seem like the only force driving the film. she is ostensibly a person here, her death essentially comes out of nowhere near the end of the film, it's not what the film is about, it doesn't try and understand why she killed herself, because only she knew exactly. it shows circumstances in her life and with quotations from the speech she made before pulling the trigger, so that we as an audience can speculate about why she did it, but campos has no interest in turning his film into nothing but speculative gossip, exploiting her and her family for the sake of clickbait soulless pandering. throughout the film we see her interactions with others, her dedication to her job, her turmulent relationship with her mother, her infatuation with a co worker, frustrations with her boss, a few breakdowns, a doctor's appointment, her working, her at a party, her doing everyday things that most people in the first world do constantly. she never monologues to the camera about her pain, about her wish for death. rebecca hall is unbelievable here, giving without a doubt one of the best performances of last year. so with everything that's happened throughout the film, christine is a person, so her death feels shocking and devastating. it essentially comes completely out of nowhere, there are hints sure but the film doesn't make itself about foreshadowing the inevitable so when she makes her speech and the bullet goes into her skull, i felt like the people around her, bewildered and horrified. back to the shot i mentioned at the start, when christine fires the gun and her blood splatters against the wall, it cuts to michael c. hall, who plays her coanchor, and we see his face just lose all presence of joy and confidence, we see the life drain from his eyes as he realises what has just happened. and his performance, what he does with his face in a 5 second shot is the best performance i've seen all year and hasn't left me since i saw the film weeks ago. the film doesn't ogle at her death either, it focuses on the aftermath, her mother seeing it on TV, her best friend rushing over to her lifeless body and sitting alone in a darkened room after she's pronounced dead, her boss' expression of pure pain. to the people who remembered christine before these two films came out, she will always be known for her deaths as it was the only thing that made people know her name but this film says that no matter what happens to her and the infamous legacy she holds on those people that saw her die and the people who obsessively speculate or ponder her reasonings for doing what she did, she was a human being just like you or me. most haunting film i've seen in a long time.

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