Cutter's Way ★★★★★

bang bang, the lights go out. a bunch of racist misogynist shitheads get caught up in a spiral of despair, desperate to find some meaning out of the death and tyranny that plagues a post Nixon, post Vietnam America. a movie about how supposedly normal men can be driven to destruction, and how the rich and powerful act without consequence in pillaging the poor and marginalised. one of the bleakest and yet most rewarding works I’ve seen in a long time, and while lots of it made me uncomfortable and at times so profoundly miserable that I had to take some breaks, the way it festers into your gut and challenges your perceptions of everything you’ve witnessed really sticks with me. and career best work from John Heard, alongside a top tier performance from Jeff Bridges, whose transition from apathetic pretty boy to a howling murderous victim of mutual chaos is scarier than any squib or act of violence could ever be. this makes me glad that I don’t live in America.

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