Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

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This review may contain spoilers.

zero stars. relentlessly ugly, both formally and in every other way, the visuals are disgusting and cheap, greyed out and amplified to the max with some of the worst visual effects work I’ve ever witnessed mixed with incompetent action sequences and broken editing. the screenplay is a nonexistent screech of lazy references and mutated sentimentality. there’s no punchlines except “we’re in a movie” or “this is like that other thing” or a comically overblown display of meaningless ultra violence. death doesn’t matter and neither does life, the attempts to make you care about these cyphers for hackneyed nihilism and disfigured corporate branding are more manipulative than adverts for industrial charities. any potential form of resonance within the film’s coda gets swiped away with another fuck you to the camera, another haze of fake blood and posturing dude bro bullshit. this movie is more soulless than any MCU joint and that’s saying something. there is nothing but emptiness and despair and fucking garbage here. it’s excruciating in its irritation, in its length and its abysmal handling of themes it’s not qualified to even begin discussing. the nature of violence is one of chaos and hell and only leads to despair, the one true evil is an abused kid murdering his oppressor but people who blow up bridges and execute anyone in their war path for a smile and a fourth wall break are our heroes, deserving of a narrated monologue about family. this is disgusting, worthless cinema.

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