Long Nights Short Mornings

Long Nights Short Mornings ★★★★

no one has heard of this, let alone seen it but it's one of the best films of the year so far, a profound, deeply moving experience about a man's connections with a series of women. he's unsure of what he wants in romance, in women and because of this, some of the genuinely meaningful connections he makes fade away, whether it be him drifting off in the morning, or being left alone, his partner for that moment moving on to someone who wants more. and in the end, the physical pleasures don't feel the same. there are the light hearted moments of humour, the absolutely beautiful moments of true connection even it's not realised by him afterwards and the moments of solo wandering but this film is about a broken man's desperation for something more yet inability to grasp it. and who knows whether he'll ever find what he's looking for? cried a ton. shiloh fernandez gives one of the best performances of the year as the protagonists, this might be a modern classic guys idk, find this and watch it ASAP

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