My Brother's Wedding

My Brother's Wedding ★★★★★

as someone whose family life has become turbulent in the last few months, i deeply relate to pierce and the monstrous choice of having to choose between the overwhelming wishes of your family/feeling their bitterness and despair when begging you to go along with their way or the need to fulfill a personal responsibility or do the thing that benefits your health and well-being, not theirs. the ending of this fucking destroyed me beyond words, i knew what was coming, i felt the anxiety raging in my chest but i was powerless to stop it, after all the footage has been filmed, time has concluded these events. it feels like what my life was like a few months ago and what it still feels like now whenever i pick up the phone from my gran and have her ask when things can get back to normal, and i don’t have the heart to tell her that her version of normal broke me. between this and killer of sheep, it’s clear that burnett’s one of the greatest independent filmmakers to ever live, he captures something so real about lives we don’t see enough of, or when we do they are stereotyped through mostly white lens, this feels like reality, just fragments of a fuller picture. in essence, it’s the ideal movie about america, it’s about class and family and the lingering aftermath of segregation and slavery and economic disasters and about one man trying to find a place in a world that seems juxtaposed to his very existence. this got to me