The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem ★★★★★

a movie where you can’t win against your demons. there is nothing you can do. sometimes addicts just can’t beat it, the traumas, the pains in their lives, the inability to erase that suffering and that need for the drug that makes things stable, just for a little while. sometimes you can’t get better, not everyone gets to survive and that’s okay. it’s not their fault, they tried and that’s all we could ever ask. addiction is a disease and it hurts and it kills and that fact fucking destroys me. this is a movie about someone who because of the world around them, their trauma mixed with their disease mixed with the terrors infesting their life, can’t beat it. but this movie is special because they are not condemned, they are not looked down upon, they are loved and given their glorious moment of catharsis before the end. an addict standing in light, no longer viewed as a demon or as a junkie but a being of light, something greater than this earth. not everyone gets to survive but we get to remember them, to see them as people, the beautiful people that they were. that’s not a substitute for life but it’s the best we can get. i think about the people i’ve lost all the time, this makes me feel like they’re still here.

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