The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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This review may contain spoilers.

ah yes this movie about privileged rich kids dealing with their meaningless shallow problems like the lingering trauma of childhhood sexual abuse, dealing with grief over your best friend's suicide, being openly gay and receiving brutal homophobia and dismissal from the man you love, being cheated on and abandoned in relationships and dealing with depression and crippling social anxieties by making connections and bonding with people, to find some form of solace and beauty in a world filled with such deep pain. this movie was the first time i ever saw someone that felt like me, and it's still one of the only ones. this movie has helped me through initial doubts over my diagnosis, over depressive periods throughout my entire life, through my intense self hatred and physically violent lapses. it has existed with me and grown with me and now as i approach the end of my adolescent self, i look back and imagine charlie and dream for him a world where his traumas healed and everything became okay. makes me believe that mine will too.

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