Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★★

the best heist movie since Heat. a devastating movie about the consequences of a few acts of desperation, how those who are left standing can’t leave what they’ve done alone. more vengeance, more money, more power. along the way, innocent people will be slaughtered, ethical lines will be caused, little moments of beautiful humanity amount to nothing in the grand scheme of things. Wrath of Man is bleak, but not cruel. there is no lingering depiction of slaughter, no perverted thrills from watching good people get their throats slit and brains blown out. there is just the sense of resigned acceptance, that the angel of death will come for almost everyone in the film’s frames. the way it morphs from an alienated revenge film, into a heist picture into a relentlessly efficient action flick is phenomenally compelling. additionally, the way it utilises perspective shifts to make its ostensible protagonist feel as mysterious and chilling as he does in the opening seconds is some of the best structural work of the new decade. will think about a few moments in this film for as long as cinema’s in my blood. as much of a fan I am of his other work, I didn’t know Ritchie had something this brooding and efficient in him. filled with exceptional performances throughout, from Statham practically inhabiting the body of a slasher villain, to the venomous charisma of heel Scott Eastwood, to the increasingly complex and splintered turn from Holt McCallany. it’s a film that captures the worst traits of humanity with some form of grace. it takes no satisfaction in violence, there is no beautiful resolution that comes from achieving revenge or spilling litres of blood. the sun sits, the moon rises, the world keeps spinning. at first glance, the film of 2021.

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