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  • The Castle of Sand

    The Castle of Sand

    Castle of Sand plays as a procedural investigation for the first two thirds before shifting gears into a melodramatic epic for its final stretch. The procedural sequences are largely framed in doorways and windows with various props in the foreground, enclosing the characters and estranging them from one another. The episodic narrative divides the process of investigation as well - we follow the through-line of the two main detectives as they travel from one person to the next, bit by…

  • Baller Blockin'

    Baller Blockin' > that scene in Widows with the camera tracking around Daniel Kaluuya in the indoor basketball court

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  • La Région Centrale

    La Région Centrale

    In some respects, Snow is positing an antithesis to Brakhage’s filmmaking, at least as far as Brakhage’s expressionism (the camera as representative of Brakhage’s eye) is at the opposite side of the spectrum from Snow’s impressionistic vision. From my own personal experience, La région centrale has informed my awareness of the distinction between what the filmmaker sees, what the camera captures, and what the audience perceives in the frame.

    If one supposes that part of our attraction to cinema, as…

  • Party Girl

    Party Girl

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Colors speak louder than words in Ray’s cinema and this idea rings true as ever in this one-off with MGM. His two lovers begin as ‘prostitutes’ in each other’s eyes before mutually seeking to redeem themselves through the shared redemption of one another. Tommy, a lawyer for the mob, colors his jury’s judgement with sympathy-straining speeches while Vicki, a showgirl, entrances her audiences with saturated metrocolor, burlesque dresses, and sensuous choreography. Artifice lies at the heart of both their work…