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  • Nazi Overlord

    Nazi Overlord

    The perks of watching a B movie is just you get to enjoy pure filmmaking at its worst.
    This has everything.
    Nazis - check
    Zombies - check
    World domination - check.
    Locust plagues going up and down any orifice of the human body? - check.

    For the record....I watched it knowing fully that this wasn't Overlord (2018).
    I walked into this.
    This is on me.

    Some of the memorable dialogues...
    "We can use it...
    We're the good guys"

    "You could…

  • Searching



    I just watched a long ad on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, facetime, Apple Macs and bloody Skype.

    And it fucking blew my mind. The detailing and the interwoven plots all twist and turn on a laptop screen.

    And God....I'm paranoid now.
    Gotta delete my history...
    But what if I go missing...?

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  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives



    "Time to Meet GOD"

    This is the Greatest film EVER to get angry,frustrated,sad,pity,happy and all other emotions about.
    I just re-watched it. And it Blew my fucking mind.
    I don't know what to say.
    If there is ever going to be a World War because of a movie...this would be it.
    Fuck Forrest Gump. Fuck Everything and anyone who says movies unite people.....
    There has not been any movie ever that Diversify and make movie fans all…

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    Stylishly made superb entertainer.
    Do not Fuck with the guy who never gets old.
    Theon Greyjoy is still a dick.
    "Father i can make this right....."and shit.
    Meanest and Slickest film since Raid 2.
    Theon's always fucking up.
    This time he stole a car and killed a dog, of The Wrong Motherfucker.
    Bullets and punches flying in and out like its Christmas in Nakatomi plaza.
    For all you fans out there, I almost have a John Wick beard.

    Reeves is…