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  • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

    Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans


    If the, er, comic sequence with the piglet was excised from the film I would unreservedly give the film the five stars it richly deserves.

    It's difficult to come up with anything new to say about a work of art that's been in the world for almost a century, so I'll just settle for trying to be honest: SUNRISE is a sumptuous, frequently heartbreakingly beautiful film about the fickle but fierce nature of love. It's near-impossible not to fall for…

  • Twelve Hundred Ghosts - A Christmas Carol in Supercut

    Twelve Hundred Ghosts - A Christmas Carol in Supercut


    The appropriation and splicing together of a popular myth that's been told in a virtually endless variety of forms, tones and media is a brilliant idea; thankfully, it's studiously executed here into compelling retelling of A CHRISTMAS CAROL that's easily the equal of most versions from which it forms its constituent parts.

    Much of the joy that comes from watching this is in the transitions: playing a trivia-challenge with yourself or friends to figure out the version or period from…

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  • Enemy



    Cronenbergian, wholly pessimistic and so insistent on its foggy, doomed aesthetic that it almost feels like Gyllenhaal's about to run into Tom Jane in a Maine supermarket.

  • Oldboy


    Awful in the way only bad remakes can be. There's nothing inherently wrong with the technical filmmaking on show, but the vulgar superficial warping of Park Chan-Wook's original film feels forced and unnatural where the 2003 movie is graceful in its inevitability. It also doesn't help that, while Spike Lee is no slouch cinematically, his visuals come off as sloppy when compared to Park's masterful, elegant compositions.

    Other things that hurt the film include Brolin's detestable characterisation (who would want…