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  • Panic Room

    Panic Room


    Unfiltered David Fincher. He's made heavier, weightier films, but nothing that was more a pure exercise in style and control quite like this is. It's tense, thrilling, relentless, straight to the point, yet so detailed. The way perspective is used to insert shots inside of walls or the mechanisms of a torchlight - it's a fascination with precision and functionality that stabs at who Fincher is as a filmmaker at his core.

    Tippy, top tier Jodie Foster too.

  • Miami Blues

    Miami Blues


    Stealing the American dream.

    When I first saw this, I liked it a lot.

    When I rewatched it, I was underwhelmed.

    Watching it a third time, without a hint of hyperbole, I think it may be the greatest crime comedy ever made. There's a very clear, simple narrative at hand but so much of the movie plays like a sketch movie - one insanely stupid and hilarious crime layered one after another to the point that it feels looser than…

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  • Climax



    Terrible experience watching this. Kind of hated it.

    About half the movie is guttural screaming, people shrieking in horror - in fright - in pain.

    Most of the scenes are lit in either a bright, painful red, or a nauseating green.

    There's about five minutes dedicated to inane party gossip, that's mainly guys talking about how they want - and are going - to fuck everyone around them.

    The last few minutes are shot upside down, and there are so…

  • Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day


    Seemed a bit repetitive.