Climax ★★★★½

Terrible experience watching this. Kind of hated it.

About half the movie is guttural screaming, people shrieking in horror - in fright - in pain.

Most of the scenes are lit in either a bright, painful red, or a nauseating green.

There's about five minutes dedicated to inane party gossip, that's mainly guys talking about how they want - and are going - to fuck everyone around them.

The last few minutes are shot upside down, and there are so many tracking shots I felt sick.

The party songs are endless and the music is throbbing.

At no point did I ever want to be here, watching this hell take hold.

But I also loved it.

The opening dance sequence - which doesn't come on until after the end credits and a lengthy video prelude - is probably the greatest thing Noe has ever filmed.

The movie is literally and figuratively a bad acid trip.

It's that freakout scene from Possession but extended for about an hour.

Noe almost gives away to dialogue entirely (that he doesn't entirely is a misstep). Most of this is dedicated to movement and in such extreme way you can't escape it.

t's the inescapable terror of any horror movie, distilled down to its purest form.

It's been four hours since the movie ended, and I stumbled out into the middle of the night, forced to find my way home through a crowded, rowdy city, and like a an too-real nightmare, the movie won't leave my head. As juvenile as sounds, I don't think a movie has moved me like this.

I really want to see it again.

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