Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★

Reality is real, says the 2.5 hour pop culture simulation. There is no way to take this movie seriously unless viewed as a critical indictment of its audience. And honestly, the final shot and line gave me a big Wolf of Wall Steet vibe; it's pointing right back at you and asking why you just spent over two hours watching this instead of living life.

It is Spielberg's first real soundtrack though which is nice.

The idea that anyone can be anything in the Oasis is incredibly underplayed due to how handsome and put together everyone is real life. The only thing it gets right is how young everyone is in online gaming.

Nothing in this movie makes sense. It's like a bunch of loosely connected threads that don't contribute to a coherent whole. I heard the book was bad but the movies suggests it's perhaps incoherent as shit.

The opening race was pretty cool but the movie never got that exciting again. I was expecting the whole movie to be this long, drawn out easter egg hunt, a constant adventure, but it had far too many lulls. Tomb Raider and Jumanji were better video game movies.

Tye Sheridan was born to be in a Spielberg movie.

The shots of the random baddie forced to play an old Atari game in VR is the funniest thing so far in 2018. Chaos all around him, and he's using this incredible technology to move an analog joystick up and down and sideways. And he looked so into it. Oh man, I wish this entire movie took place in reality like that.

Hate that Letterboxd is keeping up the weird leg poster.

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