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  • Die Hard 2

    Die Hard 2

    The best title card.

    The scene with the lad in the nip has important exposition in it which I'll never grasp because all I can think is "that lad is in the nip." I just about catch something about a bad man with bad cocaine.

    As long as John McClane is being John McClane you're watching a good Die Hard movie. Die Hard 4 and 5 could have the best scripts and best directors in the world but as long…

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    The opening shot of the rooftops and our journey over them is genuinely one of the most impressive shots in any film. No I won't calm down. Watch it again and tell me I'm wrong, chump.

    Michael Caine escapes from the (alleged) attick and delivers such a great performance. The decision to be 100% serious with no winks to the audience was the right one. The film manages to hit all the emotional beats even with a cast full of…

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  • My Mum Had a Go on the VR and Was So Scared She Grabbed the Wrong End of the Dog

    My Mum Had a Go on the VR and Was So Scared She Grabbed the Wrong End of the Dog

    The highlight for me is the sudden head turn to the left.

  • Bean


    I have a very bad memory, and that depresses me. When friends are talking about funny stories from their youth, I love hearing them, and always want to share my own. But I can't remember them. Sometimes people even tell me funny stories I played a vital role in. It's all news to me. "Did that happen?" I ask. They can't believe I don't remember. "Oh yeah, I remember now!" I lie. It's so bad that I've gotten to the…