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  • All the President's Men

    All the President's Men

    There is a very impressive shot of a man running through an office.

    Jason Robards has a great voice.

    I had no idea Agnew was real.

  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan

    Alternate title: People Close Doors Just In Time - The Movie.

    Great film. Second half loses some steam (doh-ho!) due to the melodrama being cranked up from low to beyond maximum in a matter of moments. That said, I never stop being entertained by it.

    It also features the best heroic figure in cinema since... oh, I don't know... uh... Simba. And it has the best villain in cinema since... eh... Scar. Honestly though, there's a hero you root for…

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  • The Wailing

    The Wailing

    Keep a KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter in your pocket because this film goes on for quite a while.

  • Superman III

    Superman III

    Superman is handed some dodgy krypton kush and goes down the ultimate k-hole.

    There isn't a single thing wrong with this film, and I'll tell you something else: It's better than II.

    "But they made it a comedy!" Yep, and it's funny.
    "But they cast Richard Pryor!" Yep, and he's good.
    "But they sidelined Lois Lane!" Yes, but the Lana Lang storyline is handled well, feels natural, and is well played.
    "But... it's silly!" Watch Superman II again.
    "But the…