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  • Kedi


    This was always going to get a free pass from anyone who likes cats. It's beautifully put together though, and almost as much about Istanbul and the people there.

    I'd love to see a version of this made in every major city in the world.

  • Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile


    First thing that gripped me were some lovely shots that seemed almost unreal, like concept art. Paired with the beautiful, beautiful score by Tangerine Dream, this film cast a spell early. 30 minutes in and I was already sure that I loved it. I just had to hope it wouldn't let me down before it ended. It didn't. Not even close. I found myself getting very emotional not only because of what was happening in the film, but because of…

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  • Bean


    I have a very bad memory, and that depresses me. When friends are talking about funny stories from their youth, I love hearing them, and always want to share my own. But I can't remember them. Sometimes people even tell me funny stories I played a vital role in. It's all news to me. "Did that happen?" I ask. They can't believe I don't remember. "Oh yeah, I remember now!" I lie. It's so bad that I've gotten to the…

  • Memories



    Remember Virgin Megastores? Remember HMV? Remember Golden Discs? Two anime DVDs seemed to be a constant staple in their World Cinema sections for years. This and Metropolis. I must have picked up the box for Memories over 100 times in my life. Never bought it. I think the fact that it was always in stock made me suspect it wasn't that good. I regret that now, because I definitely would have loved this back then. It's hard to review…