Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

Somehow I ended up missing this on release, and its reputation only made it harder to watch later. When people called it "the best superhero movie" I figured they were leaving out "if you saw it in 2004." I'm delighted to say that even if I am 17 years (SEVENTEEN years) late, this is still great.

There's so much heart in this. Funny when it's trying to be, moving when it's trying to be... it's just a really good movie.

I know I shouldn't complain about the MCU again. How tiresome is it to see another nobody complaining about the MCU on letterboxd dot com? (I say this knowing I'm going to complain about the MCU in my Spider-Man 3 review too. Stay tuned!) So the next MCU Spiderman film will have this Dr. Octopus back, and it's hard to not think of it in the same way The Iron Giant has cameo'd in films recently. Will there be an attempt to make him sympathetic again? Or will it just be another: "Look, it's guy from good movie"? We can't make a film as good as Spider-Man 2, but we can remind you of it, which is just as good, right? It would be nice to be surprised, but the MCU has been going for well over a decade now and remains an inconsequential juggernaut. I mean for christ sake, the PLOT of the next Spiderman film is literally "Something with consequences has happened, we need to undo it." Again.

Anyway, sorry. Spider-Man 2 is really good.

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