Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

After The Force Awakens, I had only one hope for Episode VIII: That it wouldn't just be another Empire Strikes Back. I very much doubted I'd get my way, and Rogue One only cemented my pessimism. With a Han Solo film already in production, it seemed very clear that Disney were content to comb the original Star Wars trilogy for every crumb of safe, familiar and bankable callback.

So what a treat this turned out to be. I sat down fully expecting nothing more than "Empire Strikes Back - With A Twist!" And here we are. It's been a full 24 hours since I watched it and I'm still remembering BITS and going "Jesus!"

There are missteps, for sure. It's not TIDY. But missteps happen when you step outside the comfort zone. And this is what Star Wars needed, and now. They easily, EASILY could have made a pseudo Empire film and it would make just as much and maybe even be better received but fair play to everyone who let this film be THIS.

My wildest dream came true. They made a Star Wars film that didn't play it safe AND it was amazing. If I were to have a second dream come true, it would be that Disney don't get nervous about the mixed reaction to this and feel brave enough to upset audiences again. Do it. Piss in the Star Wars lunchboxes. Call Chewie a prick. Make the 45 year olds in the audience sulk while the kids have a great time. Make a porg movie.

I think I love this film.

Every single member of staff in the cinema at our midnight screening was wearing a Daddy's Home 2 tshirt.

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