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  • Destroyer



    It looks like I liked this way more than the majority of folks here. Maybe that comes in part from me not watching a lot of thrillers so I was on board for the plot twists? Either way, I found Nicole Kidman's performance riveting and the direction masterful. This movie just looked terrific. I could generally take or leave a disjointed time line like this, but for me it worked to let the audience really question their feelings about the…

  • Bumblebee



    What a terrific surprise for me that this film was so enjoyable and had so much heart. 

    I've never seen a single Transformers film or cartoon and only read a few children's books to my brother so I have absolutely no input on how it relates to the source material. But I took two teenage boys who were on the edge of their seats and laughing out loud. There was character development and an actual emotional payoff in the obligatory…

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  • The Hitch-Hiker

    The Hitch-Hiker


    Film School Drop Out Challenge Week 11: Film Noir

    52 Films By Women - Ultimate Challenge Week 38: 1950s

    Tense, economical thriller that avoids most of the sexism inherent in the majority of noir films (granted, it’s by having women completely absent from the picture). Enjoyable and well-made if you’re in the mood for something of the genre. I really appreciated the swift pace without any wasted moments. It makes me wish more films these days weren't afraid of a shorter running time.

  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden

    Straight men aren't allowed to make movies about queer women anymore since they don't know how to do it without adding extended and exploitative porn to the middle. The end.

    (I'll probably add a real review eventually and up the star rating slightly but right now I'm still too angry.)

    I wonder how I would have felt if I wasn't a fan of the book, if the twists would have been enough to cause me to overlook the problems or…