Annette ★★★★★

putting the stage on the screen, distributing the power of performance worldwide with no limitations to imagination-annette drags you into its own world for you to figure out if you’re lost in the illusion, despite of every element that may disarm or take you out. it’s certainly gonna be an uphill battle for a lot of people (big bang theory jumpscares and visual parallels to 2012 youtube are only the tip of the immersion shattering iceberg) but i was fuckin IN on everything going on here; every minute since watching it just makes me want to go back, to take it all in again, to think about the visuals that stay lingering, like adam drivers stand up performance in what is essentially Club Silencio, and every single beautiful overlay that roars onto the screen. I havent seen a new movie ive enjoyed this much (i was straight up vibrating!!) since the irishman so im giving it the 5 drop, dont care about thinking it through further. See it in a theater!!

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