Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★

It's better than Man of Steel (after awhile, the last 1/3 is what saves this from being the most nothing movie I've ever seen), but yeah, it still sucks. And it's not really anyone's fault but the script writers. The direction is good, the performances are...mostly good (Henry Cavil looks the part but he doesn't act it, I actually liked Jessie Eissenburg for some reason) but the script is god awful. Mind you, the only version I watched was the Ultimate one and it still makes no sense! I'm scared of what the normal version must be, but at least it's shorter. It's biggest flaw is being boring, which should not be a trait of a movie entitled "Batman v Superman". Shame. Wonder Woman might be good though. Just keep David Goyer away from everything. Hate that guy.

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