Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Rewatched this as I was writing an essay on it for college applications, and the scene where he sings to his dad impacted me a lot more here than it ever had before. Even if Llewyn isn't very empathetic because he's a total dick, you can tell that even though he mostly feels contempt for his dad, he still cares about him, and appreciates that at least he'll listen to his music. Throughout the scene you can see his anger at this man start to fade away as he watches his dad's reaction to the music. His dad seems to find peace in it, and that makes Llewyn feel that what he's doing, what he just went on a journey to prove his worth at and got shot down, that it still mattered.

Then his dad shits on it.

Literally. The sick, dark punchline of this scene was Llewyn's senile dad was simply vacating his bowls the whole time. The whole thing passes by as another kick in the balls for a man who doesn't catch a break in the whole runtime. Does he deserve this? No, but we always get hit with stuff we don't deserve. Inside Llewyn Davis is a movie completely devoid of hope, showing a man trapped in a cycle of pain that we never see him escape from, but it's a necessary pain, one that shows the harsh truth of reality and comes away teaching you that you just have to push through it. It's sad, and hard to watch at times, but its understandable and sympathetic.

That's not what I wrote in the other thing, I just had left over thoughts and they wouldn't really fit in there so here you go.

This was also the first time watching this since the death of my cat in January (who looked like the fella seen here) and...yeah, it hurt. I miss him a lot.

I'm so fucking tired.

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