Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper ★★★★½

I went into Personal Shopper with no idea what it was about.

This is the right way to go into Personal Shopper.

But, if I must tell you anything, it's that this is a movie about grief, and how it helps us find out who we really are.

Compared to another recent film about grief, Manchester by the Sea, it's more focused on..mystery, I suppose. Manchester by the Sea is a very straight-forward story about the weight of a loss on two people who were already broken. Personal Shopper deals with not being able to let go, figuring out how broken you are, figuring out what you're gonna even do with yourself now, and coping.

It's also the better film.

This whole thing is put together by a lead character who is endlessly intriguing to learn about and heartbreaking to watch, and is portrayed magnificently by Kristen Stewart, who I am now claiming to be the queen of death. I knew she meant business back in Zathura, and this only solidified how FUCKING SOLID she is. If I'm still comparing this and Manchester by the Sea, while she didn't give me depression just by staring like Casey Affleck did, she might have given a performance more personal (heh) to me, as someone with anxiety that just makes talking...hard sometimes.

Plus she didn't sexually assault anyone, so that gives her an edge in being my favorite.

My heart was RACING the entire time by the way. Like I need something to drink I can't calm down. Or maybe I just need someone to knock me out because it's 2 a.m here and I don't know how I'm going to sleep now yeeeeeeeeesh. I mean, everyone talks about the end but I was anxious 5 minutes in and it just kept on going...
But yeah that ending Jesus CHRIST

I'm trying to be vague here again, because I want you to go in as blind as possible. I only really have one flaw, and that's a subplot which made me uncomfortable at parts and, while it did reveil important things about Kristen Stewart's character, it also just didn't have a satisfying conclusion to me. But this is something I'll pay more attention to on a rewatch.

Also something that seems to be major happens but it doesn't really effect much of anything down the line other than freeing up my queen to go live her life. It seemed odd, like there could have been other ways to do that. I might need to think on it more.

This also has the best putting clothing on scene...ever. Or at least, that I've ever seen. The style, the class, when I wear a dress I wish I looked HALF as suave and beautiful as Death Queen Kristen does here. The music goes with it so well too, and I just was swept away from all the madness around that scene for a moment. And that's why I dress up at least, I do it to escape myself, escape my world and see what life somebody else lives.

I reallllllyyyyy want to see Clouds of Sil Mara now. This is

Kristen, never leave me.

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