Tenet ★★★★

For as much shit as Nolan gets for being robotic and distant, his last 3 films have been an attempt to get away from that distance, to break through what seems like his biggest barrier, and craft something emotional. while what he's basically made here is "post 9/11 Matrix sequels," it does so in the framework of friendship that Nolan seems so clung on to, the kind of emotional tightness he adores in Mann. the villains are stock film archetypes, those that have been around for decades, and the protagonist is a collage of "cool" phrases and messy metatext but their relationship to the two other players are what brings it all together-the connection of figures in time. Tenet is cold and abrasive, almost pushing you away constantly, but it all keeps moving closer to a pounding and lonely emotional core. It's all an act, whether or not any of the science nonsense is real or not doesn't matter, because in the end it's just humanity. A metalic, blue machine that contains souls. Gears of the heart.

i guess it's also just bros rock: the movie. whatever

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