The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

This time I cried.

The imagery of Queen Anne stumbling down the hallway, sobbing as she yells at the massive empty room is some I haven't forgotten since I first saw the film months ago, but this time it hit me like a freight train. This is the reason Coleman won her Oscar. This is the best scene Yorgos Lanthimos will ever film. This is one of the greatest movie moments of the decade, and god damn it it destroys me. At some points I find the direction of the film a little distracting and unnecessary, mostly towards the beginning, but scenes like this and the finale bring the brilliant script, powerful acting and space and angles of the camera together to make for some of the most brutal moments I've seen since, shit, Llewyn Davis? It's amazing this film balances comedy and pain so well, but I suppose that's what life must be like for these broken, mean characters. Do they all get what they deserve? Maybe, but no matter what you feel bad for them by the end, as they become surrounded and overcome by guilt and despair.

this shit hurts.

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