Us ★★★★

Rewatch made me feel a little better about it, and the passing of time since release has helped as it's easier to see its place in pop culture. The vagueness of the metaphor presented here hits the perfect sweet spot where it feels like everyone you talk to has a different take on what it all means.I can't think of many recent movies, let alone blockbusters, that have had that effect, so even though it still has its flaws (though this watch helped me come to appreciate those weird bits more) it will always be a fascinating movie, and one we'll probably be reading essays on for the next ten years at least. I really only think it could have used just a bit more time to cook and iron out some of the weird oversights in logic (I don't give a fuck about plotholes but the concepts brought up at the end are a little too out there to go into as little detail as this does). Again though, this is a film that cares way more about the metaphor than the actual text, so it gets a pass from me. It's a very singular vision, flaws and all, and between this and Glass it's been a great year for crazy auteur driven mid budget films. Here's hoping we get some more of that in the rest of the year!


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