Parasite ★★★★

A dear friend told me this, and I pass it on to you, dear reader, if you have not experienced this film: it’s best to go in knowing nothing at all about it.

This is a picture with so many literal and figurative layers, it might take a couple more viewings to fully wrap your head around. The cast is very, very strong, the cinematography is nothing short of beautiful (some of the transitions from scene to scene are inspired) and the elements of hypocrisy, classism and greed end up making for a strong, poetic affair. 

One take away from the film that stayed with me has to do with gambling. Sometimes, you have to know when to say when at the slot machines, or at the Black Jack table, or in life. Because the more you want, the more you stand to lose. If special care isn’t taken to stop and assess what it is you come away with, it could all be gone in and instant. 

Parasite is a true piece of art, and if you’re curious at all on what the fuss is about, do see it.

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