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  • M*A*S*H



    I grew to LOVE the MASH TV series.

    I have a thing about sitcoms--the theme song can really impact my mood. I like Cheers but have a hard time with that mudlin opening theme. Same with MASH...with such a theme (and being so OLD...I was living in 1988--this was ancient! LOL) I didn't think the show could be good.

    Yet it was on before the news which, strangely, I got into watching when I was 13. So I started watching…

  • Bad Words

    Bad Words


    Imagine Bad Santa only instead of robbing department stores this self-centered jerk was upsetting a Spelling Bee. While Bateman is not as foul as Billy Bob's lothario, the story beats are the same. I wish the jokes were sharper, but it was a good enough time. Very weak recommend

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  • Everest



    This was a suspenseful and heartbreaking dramatization of true events.

    The performances by Clarke, Brolin, and Gyllenhaal made me invested, but the star of the film is the cinematography. I regret not treking to an IMAX 3D showing for all the scenery shown here.

    But even in 2D on my home theater, the colors are vibrant and the vistas amazing (Though a few times it looked like the wandered off the EVEREST set and onto a leftover asteroid from ARMAGEDDON).…

  • Bride Wars

    Bride Wars

    This movie makes me hate humanity. Two competent women, best friends, torn apart by the stereotypical female motivation of needing a husband.This film degrades everyone who watches it. Such a shame that two actresses with such capable talents are just reduced to this drivel. Stay away.