Blindspotting ★★★★★

O-town had a big year! Black Panther, Sorry to Bother You, and now Blindspotting really held the magnifying glass over the "real" parts of the city you never really see that often (except for maybe in Fruitvale Station). Nice to see!

I was really disappointed to miss this one in theaters, so I waited with bated breath for my library to purchase this so I could finally get my hands on it. It did not disappoint! Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal are brilliant in this, aided by their real-life friendship, portraying these flawed (Miles more than Collin, obviously) but beautifully human characters. And it's super funny! It's extremely specific to Oakland but it could be extrapolated to Anytown, USA.

I just wish the film ended on that shot of the red light turning green through the Commander Moving truck windshield, but then you wouldn't have Miles's hilarious monologue on his complicated feelings about the Raiders' move to Vegas next year.

When I saw the trailer for this I assumed the title was in reference to Collin witnessing the police-slaying in his mirror (ergo, his blindspot). I was basically right, but there's actually a little bit more to it, too.

The story is a little aimless, but I was still riveted by the lives and struggles of the characters on the screen — it's sort of a 'day in the life' (think Dazed and Confused or Do the Right Thing) type of movie, but over several days (I think three or four, but I could be wrong). You just sort of watch them live and react to situations.

Strongly recommended. As of the time of writing this is at least a dead lock for my US-produced top 5 for 2018, but I still need to get around to the big foreign titles — Roma (watching tonight), Cold War, Shoplifters, and Burning just off the top of my head — before I decide on whether it's in my overall top 10.

Tagging 'oscars 2018' in defiant hope that it gets its due recognition but I'm not overly optimistic. Best original screenplay, for sure, nah?

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