Logan ★★★★½

What a sendoff you got, Logan.

By watching this character as I grew up, first on paper, then onscreen, then on the big screen, I grew fond of him in a weird way, like as if he was part of my life in more than a fictional way (same thing happened with Harry Potter). In actuality, I had not realize how much I care for both Logan and Charles X. till I saw them in this film, beaten down by a world that they constantly tried to save. 

The question that Logan is trying to figure an answer to is very understandable to his current condition: "¿What's the f*cking point?". We have a man who risked his and his friends lives for a world that irrationally hated him. The only real connection that Logan seems to make, comes to him from people that have been through the same, or even worse circumstances than he has, that's the key to his arc.

As a film, Logan is a wonderfully crafted piece of art, it feels like an independent western with old cowboys, too old to get thrown in the shit like they did back in the day. The beauty of this story comes from the dealing of an outcast with himself and with the people that he cares about, the compassion that's needed for it, as well as the need for a purpose to keep yourself sane as you wander in the insane world that old man Logan resides in.

This is not just a superhero film, it's much more. So much more.