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This review may contain spoilers.

I wasn't entirely feeling Creed until the final fight but that's where everything comes together. That's when you find out Adonis' reasoning for wanting to fight. That's when you find out Rocky's reasoning for carrying on and training Adonis. That's when you get the feels. The music cues. The timing of everything echoing back to the first Balboa-Creed fight in the original Rocky. It's outstanding work.

I can see people not liking this if they don't stay the distance. Adonis comes across as entitled, whiny and irritating during the lead up to the big fight. I didn't see the good in him but it's there and the big fight allows it to shine. Ryan Coogler knew exactly what he was doing with that plotting. Slowly burning away at ideas and concepts. When Adonis is down and his recent life flashes before his eyes I was blown away. The images get more and more important until BOOM there's Apollo. Large as life and that's the motivation to get the job done. I'm getting chills just talking about it.