Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

The Terminator was one of my VHS favourites from back in the day but I think as a teenager I probably saw T2 more. Why? Because it had more explosions, a bigger storyline and a babyface Arnie. Which is why everyone bought into it. But they shouldn't have done. T2 isn't as good as the Terminator. It lacks the sharp, rugged edges of the first film. Sure, the special effects are better and the stunt crew is great on T2 but you can't replace that vibe you get from the Terminator. The desperation of those involved and having the almost indestructible Arnie as the bad guy just makes it better. I know he was never going to play a heel twice in a row, especially as he was a megastar by the time T2 rolled around but it's just not as good.

What makes T2 even worse, and basically costs the film the 1/2* off the rating is Ed Furlong. He grates from minute one and when that guy shouts "fuck you, you little dipshit" at him that sums up how I feel about Furlong. His response of "moi? A dipshit?" just about sums the little dipshit up.

They try like hell to make all the Terminator's displays mean something this time, which is kind of neat apart from when he's wiping out all the cop vehicles outside the robotics building. 0.0 casualties? Can you 0.1 kill someone? That all comes from John rebooting the Terminator so he can learn stuff. A gimmicky switch I was never happy with. In fact, the comedy bits drag the film down even more and I was never happy with that either. It's ok to have comedy in a big loud action film. It's not ok for a killer future robot to be making the funnies. This would get worse as the series progressed and I worry about T5 because of this.

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