The Babadook ★★★

Halloween gets closer and I was looking forward to this one. Did it deliver? Yes and no. The opening act is about building the tension and introducing the world's turdiest 6 year old boy. He is a cock. The middle act sees the horror begin in earnest with weird shit happening and the atmosphere building. At this point I was totally into it and in the process of hailing the Babadook as some sort of masterpiece.

Then the third act really started to kick in and the tension disappeared, the atmosphere stopped working and the whole thing just became this 20 minute attempt at a jump-scare. The movie, for me at least, felt like visiting a haunted house with relatives you hate. Then the ghost stuff starts and you see this ghost coming towards you and it's shit scary and you get freaked out and then the 'ghost' trips over the carpet. I wouldn't call the third act is a disaster, because I can see some people still digging it, but it didn't work for me. A shame as the build is wonderful but the conclusion simply didn't work on me.