• Poltergeist



    I can see who Patrick Wilson bases his spooky movie personas after….. Craig T Nelson is the original spooky dad. 

    October 2021

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    I have nothing else to add to what everyone has already said Except: Dear Bo Burnham, please do more acting!!

  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    I’ve double, triple, quadruple checked that the movie I just watched was in fact this movie y’all have reviewed on this app. I don’t get the high rating and I don’t understand how this was scary. I am probably just too dumb to understand, though so that might just be on me.

    Spooktober 2021

  • If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

    If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power


    Abusive husband: dead
    Spell: cast
    Titties: out

  • Super Dark Times

    Super Dark Times

    I’ve just come to conclusion that I am well past the age of caring about teen dramas. I’m an old lady (30) and I just don’t care about those teens at all.

    Spooktober 2021

  • VHS 94

    VHS 94


    I’ve never seen a VHS movie before, so I was very confused and completely didn’t realize it was an anthology until the very last short. Like I was waiting for Raatma to come back and he never did?!??? Paimon is out, Raatma is in!

    Spooktober 2021

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas


    An absolute classic, but upon rewatch, I am just so confused why they didn’t just have Danny all of Jack’s voice because he sings more than he talks so like??!??? Whatever… though I am VERY excited for Billie Eilish’s Sally!

    Spooktober 2021

  • Muppets Haunted Mansion

    Muppets Haunted Mansion


    All praise to Mr Pepé the prawn, but it absolutely should have been Rizzo the Rat!! Rizzo is Gonzo’s best friend and this is SLANDER that they weren’t together! Otherwise, very fun!!

    Spooktober 2021

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    How did Suzanne Collins not get sued out the ass??? The Hunger Games absolutely wishes it was this!

    Spooktober 2021

  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    AS IF a police officer could have that kind of self awareness to plead guilty to a murder he actually committed. Aaaanyway, Jake is at his best when he’s playing a sociopath, not a cop. Thanks ANYWAY Netflix.

    Spooktober 2021

  • The Furies

    The Furies

    One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The kills were pretty good, but the acting, directing, writing, cinematography, lighting, music, PLOT was all horrendous!!!! Just absolutely horrible in every way, ESPECIALLY Rose’s character. My god, the literal worst character and worst directing I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry to that actress because she was given NOTHING to work with.

    Spooktober 2021

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    I did not watch this and I don’t think I ever need to because I found the end credit scene and watched that [checks math] 10 times. If I could rate the end credit scene alone it would be 5 stars!!!!!!