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  • Apocalypse Now
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  • Modern Times

    Modern Times


    Was having a pretty miserable night before putting this absolute timeless masterpiece on with my brother, his third Chaplin experience and my personal favorite. It's astonishing how relevant it still is to this day from the first frame (a herd of sheep dissolve into a herd of men off to factory work) to the last (finding what's true and happy in a growingly absurd technological and industrial world). It's so damn funny, too; so many iconic and hilarious scenes. And…

  • BoJack Horseman Christmas Special

    BoJack Horseman Christmas Special

    Nearly a year it took me to finish my first big series, BoJack Horseman. But it was a journey that was well worth it. I sat and watched both parts of Season 6 the whole day. I think I've run out of words at this point. You can give my stories on Instagram a look to read what I had to say about the finale season. But I will never get tired of saying thank you to BoJack Horseman, for…

Popular reviews

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    This amusement park ride was pretty amusing indeed; my cup of shallow entertainment coffee. Towering ancient monsters fighting for some reason and somehow people are actually invested. My brain was partially-asleep so you could count me in. Godzilla vs. Kong is pure spectacle and it knows it is, delivering stylish and action-packed kaiju battles worth the wait for its fans. It gives the people what they want for most of it and you just love to see it.


  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away

    Yes, yes, I watched it again. It's January 5th in this part of the world, and I just watched my favorite movie for a sixth time just because it's the 80th birthday of one Hayao Miyazaki. Happy Birthday to the man behind some of the greatest films ever made and some of my very favorites. I thought this was my way of saying thank you to him for all the wonderful things he has brought my way.
    His movies made…