Parasite ★★★★★

Recently, my younger brother and I have been having long conversations about Parasite and its popularity, its high rating here on Letterboxd, and more. Rocky seems to be a semi-hater of Parasite, and while I've never been a skeptic of the brilliance of this film, I thought I might as well see it again just to shun his blasphemy. So for the first time in 14 long months, I saw Parasite again.

Knowing what to expect this time, Parasite floored me. Like, how could this even be better on rewatch?! All the now-iconic twists and turns remained impactful and dramatic; all the dark humor of the dialogue never lost its wit and comedy; and the extremely high level of filmmaking blew me away--again; it's as if I watched it for the first time. Parasite deserves no lower rating than a perfect 100 from me. And Rocky, if you're reading this (and most likely you are), you can spend the rest of your days by yourself in a basement bro.

Parasite is as perfect as a movie can get. Everything that needs to be said has been said in countless film reviews, video essays, prestigious awards, and international acclaim so I won't even bother expounding on the greatness of this masterpiece. There's just so much to appreciate here and I forgot some guy named Bong Joon-ho directed this-- this was some godlike directing.

What my brother and I were arguing about so much regarding Parasite was its emotional resonance. Parasite isn't the most emotional film. It's never led me to a point of being emotional enough to have a wet eye but you can feel for these characters and the very tense and suspenseful scenarios they go through. However, films like these with so many techniques-- those films you study and breakdown in film school-- often get their emotional resonance overlooked in favor of their technical mastery that it's more about thinking than feeling.
I've felt the same way about many great films and sometimes it's the reason I don't like them as much. Take Nolan's movies, which I find tough to sit through because of the lack of needed emotional connection. I always prefer films that have a big heart above all, and while Parasite certainly has heart, it's not the biggest. Not like it needs to in order to be appreciated, but let me just add that it's the reason why I personally prefer Portrait of a Lady on Fire over this one. This isn't even my favorite from Bong!

Parasite is one of those films where many thoughts can arise from taking sides, leaving those sides, standing back, and seeing the chaos of it all unfold. And it does have its emotional moments which I found more affecting this time around. This is not my pick for the greatest film of all time but it really is one of the greatest ever made and there is no refuting that.

Also, Cho Yeo-Jong hot. I'll do it clockwise if she wants me too.
(forget I said that please, it's clearly the wrong hour to be horny)

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