Possessor ★★★

Finally something to log today. Been busy the whole day and this guy needs at least one movie to send him peacefully to sleep. But after seeing Possessor for the first time, "peacefully" is out of the equation.

Great to see Brandon Cronenberg directing! Possessor is only this young man's second feature, and with its genuinely scary body horror and extreme imagery, paired with a great use of practical effects lacking nowadays, it's more than enough to make his father David proud. It runs in the family.

Possessor was a unique and visceral thriller-horror experience that revamps a oft-used yet brilliant concept. The droning synth/techno soundtrack reinforces the alienating and disorienting approach to the subject matter that the film was going for. With nice shades of social commentary about the dangers of technology, surveillance, and capitalism, Possessor manages to be sleek and unhinged at the same time.

The first sequence was perfect and is enough to get anyone hooked for the rest of the ride. Ambiguous, brutal, shocking, insane: the fire of Cronenberg's film doesn't burn out the rest of the way.
The hallucinatory images and the off-putting editing works wonders for the film. Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Sean Bean were effective in their roles, and the rest of the cast did well throughout the runtime. Cinematography is fantastic, too.

I saw the uncut version of this and for a film that ran under two hours, some bits could've been left out for better pacing but overall, it was a good time. Though the sound was a highlight of the film, some of it, especially that surrounding the dialogue were a bit rough and could've been mixed better for cleaner quality. I also thought that it could've dug a little deeper into its social critique elements.

But apart from those nitpicks, Possessor is a great film and is one of the best of 2020 so far. It's haunting, violent, riveting, and packs strong themes. It's one heck of a trip and one you should check out if you haven't yet. Had a pretty good time with this one and right now, I'm off to my less than peaceful sleep--thanks, this movie. See ya when I see ya (a couple of hours from now)!

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