Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★½

Today is shaping up to be a great day for cinema! I can't and won't ask for a lot this Christmas but maybe a first watch of an extremely important movie will do as a gift. Raiders of the Lost Ark has been at the top or near the top of my watchlist for quite a while now and what a joy to finally see it.

My dad is a big Indy fan but I've never been into the franchise. But after getting my jaw dropped by Raiders, I completely understand why it's so easy to go along for the ride.

I used to lowkey hate on Steven Spielberg for no legit reasons. Maybe his movies were too big of blockbusters to be more artsy? Or he was too popular and mainstream? For some reason, I did dismiss him as a director for the annoying filmbros. However, I'm happy to permanently change my mind because Raiders is a masterwork of art, action, and adventure that's going to be hard to top, and Steven Spielberg is surely one of the greatest directors of all time.

Raiders, to put it plainly, is awesome. I believe there's little to add to that description because it's what this movie is--fuckin' awesome. Take a whip-cracking archeologist adventurer, a lost and mythical prize, the sands of Egypt, Nazis, a whole lot of snakes, shootouts, fistfights, epic chases, and a brilliant and iconic John Williams score, and you'll get this.
Right from the unforgettable introduction, Raiders sets its tone and takes the viewer in for a dive into high adventure. Every single scene is designed so meticulously and creatively, with expert blocking and timing, to get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your mind blown over the artistic genius of the most successful filmmaker ever.

Spielberg really wowed me from the very first frame, and I could tell that the inner adventurer in me was ready for an epic journey. Raiders features incredible cinematography and I will not hesitate to say this is one of the most visually-arresting movies I've ever seen. The old-school style of shooting on sets with backdrop effects was delightful to see and it gives the film a classic and timeless feel. This is a pillar of blockbuster filmmaking and I cannot wait to see the rest of this franchise (maybe except Crystal Skull).

I had one heck of a time with Raiders of the Lost Ark and for all you who haven't seen it yet, don't be like me and sleep on it for so damn long. Go see it because it's pure fun, it'll have your spirits high, and it'll surely leave you wanting for more. This is a new family favorite and a new entry on my 100 favorite films, and there was no better day and no better mood for me to finally watch it. Truly iconic and visionary; Spielberg has proven me wrong.
Again, Merry Christmas to you all! May better days be ahead of us all. Stay safe and stay cool guys, even though we're not going to be as cool as Harrison Ford, but yeah!

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