Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★½

The second film of a trilogy is usually the weakest one and it's also the same for Kieślowski's Three Colors. The popular least favorite among the three, White is a study of equality done in a tasty revenge comedy-drama.

Equality is a pretty difficult matter to cover because of people's differing moral subjectivity. But that's also the angle Kieślowski uses to express the ambiguity of the concept of equality in the film. The director's understanding of humanity is shown clearly in his films. In White, Kieślowski takes an interesting genre mix to present a divorced couple's play of power. A lot lighter and uncharacteristically more comedic than most Kieślowski projects I'm familiar with, White has a completely different vibe that makes it more accessible to audiences but lesser in terms of overall film quality in my opinion.

A Polish man is divorced by his French wife for not consummating their marriage and is left in Paris Metro to wander without money, a home, and other belongings. He gets by after returning to Poland and working small jobs. After working his way to riches, he hatches a plan to get even with his ex-wife. All is fair in love and war, and while I'm sure there's more to this film than that, that's White's main point.

It's not the most entertaining piece despite its interesting plot. It's too dry and slow and the focus we see in Blue isn't quite here. Still a good film but the writing, music, and emotional resonance took a bump. Kieślowski still did a good job of directing what he's come up with. The music though is repetitive and screams rich European dramedy. The cinematography is still effective. Zbigniew Zamachowski, Julie Delpy, and the rest of the cast bring these characters to life well.

Also, I've watched so many great revenge flicks where the girl gets even with the guy. To see the tables turn even just for once was a nice change of pace. Now that's some equality. Anyway, White is a good film by any means, but in comparison to the rest of the trilogy, it's okay. However, this hasn't shaken my confidence in Red, which'll cap off trilogy day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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