Tenet ★★½

uh right I have a lot of thoughts on this...

The Good:

- truly stunned about how Nolan pulled off these action sequences. The car chase is particular is a standout. And all practical!

- John David Washington is just so good and so cool in this. I cannot wait to see him in everything when he inevitably becomes a star

- consistently gorgeous to look at. truly worth seeing in a cinema if you can

- Robert Pattinson wearing expensive suits, cracking one liners and killing people is my kind of content 

- Nolan milks the time inversion gimmick for everything it is worth and creates some truly stunning and evocative imagery that I won’t be forgetting any time soon 

- flies by for a 2+ hour film

- it’s just great seeing a huge blockbuster like this in a movie theatre again after so long

The Bad:

- probably the worst sound mixing I’ve ever seen in a theatrical release. So much of the dialogue is just drowned out by foley or the score which hurts a film like this that is so reliant on exposition 

- I genuinely could not tell you what happened in the third act, I had to open Wikipedia up after the film ended just to clarify some of the stuff that happened 

- It doesn’t sit right with me that the only female character in this with any significant screen time, dialogue or story arc is regulated to damsel in distress status multiple times and her only personality trait and motivation is that she loves her son 

- the villain is probably the least threatening or interesting villain in a studio blockbuster in years. Could not take him seriously and his motivation is laughable 

- while I have nothing but praise for the majority of the action scenes, the plane crash and the subsequent fight in the building is at times genuinely incoherent with its editing

- there’s just nothing interesting about any of these characters. I can only remember 2 or 3 names at the most 

I can’t lie, I’m pretty disappointed with how this turned out although I do plan to see it again very soon now I have an idea of where the plot goes and what it’s trying to do but yeah...not Nolan’s best

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