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  • Imperium



    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Nazis.....oh go on then.

    Amazing job from Daniel Radcliffe. Really tense and entertaining. And it was so much more powerful without loads of violence too which worked.

  • Grease



    What else am I going to give this !! Such a masterpiece of a musical from start to finish.
    John Travola really shines in this and Olivia Newton John is just as good.
    Also some amazingly written songs which even after nearly 40 years are still belted out at parties.

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  • Commando



    Just pure beauty from start to finish. There's not a man on this earth that doesn't think that Arnie's body is outrageous.
    The music from Horner is awesome too. There's Something about the 80s which just kept on producing beautiful action films and this is one of them.

    Let off some steam...Bennett.

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    When is Pacino ever shit. Never is your answer. In this wonderful film packed full of tension and drama.
    That fact this is a true story makes it even more crazy but what impressed me most was Al Pacinos acting regarding mental health.

    This must have been a hard role to play and it's no wonder he went on to do some of the best films ever.

    Give this a watch. Nooww !!