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The Golden Age: Mexican Cinema, 1930-1954 (2010 Retrospective)


* The Austrian Film Museum

"Beginning in the early 1930s and continuing for a quarter-century, Mexico was home to one of the world’s most colorful and diverse film cultures: not many other countries could claim a comparable range of production, diversity of genres and number of master filmmakers. The excellence of Mexican cinema was founded on its commercial strength - Mexico supplied all of the Spanish-speaking markets in Central and South America, and delivered several box-office successes in the United States as well. During the thirties, the country also became an important refuge for European exiles. Numerous filmmakers and craftsmen had their own (usually semi-secret) Mexican Period, and German-born Alfredo B. Crevenna became Mexico’s most prolific director. In the…

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  • Let's Go with Pancho Villa!
  • The Adventuress
  • Champion Without Crown
  • Another Dawn
  • Él
  • Enamorada
  • Wild Flower
  • The Kneeling Goddess
  • Illusion Travels by Streetcar
  • The Blood Stain
  • The Woman of the Port
  • The Other
  • Que Viva Mexico!
  • The Revenge of Pancho Villa
  • The Young and the Damned
  • Maria Candelaria
  • Pueblerina
  • Redes
  • Río Escondido
  • Mexican Bus Ride