The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club ★★★★½

Finally, the feel good movie that I needed and considered this one a classic. I know most people might think this movie did not aged so well but I did not care. It is fun, hilarious, memorable characters and top notch script.

John Hughes created the most chillest and most straight-forward movies that you'll see. You can see how he had fun making this movie and it really have that momentum towards it. Technically, it is set in one location and really helps the movie in terms of creativity. I think the tone and the presentation is really wonderful . The music choices of this is so incredible and fits the movie very well too. The editing really manages to keeps the flow of the pacing as well. The dialogues are so memorable that I can memorise those lines when I wrote the notes.

The performances were wonderful considering why the actors put faith to this movie. All the characters doesn't have that monotonous and fits the character so much. If you say which character I related to, I would say easily both Brian and Allison because they're so relatable and so charming to watch them perform.

I think I have one issue that is literally a nitpicky is the audio and some of the dubbing problems I noticed. Some scenes where both Bender and Claire having an argument and I can notice some of the audio and the dubbing is bit awkward. Maybe it's just me that my audio I guess.

Overall, this movie is wonderful, humorous and engaging in many levels. I can really relate to the character so much and how sympathetic they are. It is weirdly so very relevant considering how these kids facing a lot of problems in their life. I'm quite understandable why not many people liked it but for me, it's definitely a comfort zone movie that I will rewatch over and over again just because of the memorable dialogues.


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