The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ★★★★

This movie is very little to say, so terrifying and mind numbingly chilling to watch. Sure it has so much goofy and over the top elements but it isn't a fun watch at all. It's dirty, dusty and disgusting to watch and I can picture how difficult the shooting location is when it comes to horrific scenes.

I can't say it's the most goriest or psychological or deep horror movies ever but the way it builds the tension is so horrific and it's all because of the exceptional sound designing. The production design deserves a shout out too. Not only because it's so scary to go but something about the production design is so beautiful yet disgusting to watch. The editing is also give us the most sparkling cuts that you have never seen it before. The images are nevertheless so haunting to watch. Like the extreme close up of the eyes is very striking to me as a viewer. The color is rich and vibrant and makes the film so visually stunning to watch. The acting is always believable except the first 30 mins is straight up goofy or unintentionally comic to say the least. I think that nobody talks about is the soundtrack. It deserves more recognition and it is the great testimony that something like this is very challenging and bold.

This movie is truly a masterclass of horror filmmaking. Everything is just pitch perfect and not trying to be as bland and as a horror fan, it definitely deserves to be placed as a classic. I would pretend that the franchise of Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't exist.


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