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  • The Shock of the Future

    The Shock of the Future


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    Sometimes we need to look to the past to see the future.

    Musician Marc Collin, best known for his cover band projects Nouvelle Vague and Hollywood, Mon Amour, directs an unambitious but ultimately rewarding ode to the creative process. With an endearing retro style, Collin plays with anachronisms as the movie is set in the late seventies, when electronic music was getting bigger and bigger, but also includes cameos from contemporary acts singing their own songs.

    Alex (Alma…

  • Bait



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    Sometimes it’s all about style.

    British director Mark Jenkin turns what could have been just another kitchen-sink drama into an oddity of a film mainly inspired by the early talkies. Bait’s distinctive style—filmed on 16mm and in black and white, where all the sounds and dialogues were added in post-production—will delight Guy Maddin fans, but might mislead viewers into thinking the movie is as weird as Keyhole or Cowards Bend the Knee. There is no room for Maddin’s…

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  • Imbued Life

    Imbued Life


    The best thing about taxidermy is you can later make a stop-motion animated short film about taxidermy.
    Mysterious, nightmarish and incredibly beautiful, Imbued Life is about the idea not only of preserving life after death but also memories.

  • In Praise of Nothing

    In Praise of Nothing


    My thoughts on a movie about Nothing: